Friday, August 24, 2012

What's Up With Will

We have a had a fun and busy summer at the Bjustrom household!  Will is almost 1 1/2 years old and keeping us very busy!  Here's what he's been up to:

- Cannot get out of his crib in the morning or after a nap until he's gathered up all his blankets to tag along.
- Loves to dance to music anywhere he hears it, but if you acknowledge his grooving by cheering him on or joining in, he stops.
- Started spinning in circles and gets frustrated when he's dizzy afterwards.
- The longest you can get him to sit on your lap is to watch cartoons in the morning.
- Bath is his first word. He goes nuts when we tell him it's bath time.  Every time.
- Has 12 teeth.
- I give him his haircuts so sometimes his hair looks a little crazy.
- Ryley is his best bud.  He loves cruising around with dad to see what there is to see.  Favorite activities include: watering the plants, playing some sort of tackle game, getting the mail, having eggs together for breakfast, pretending to drive the truck.
- Has extra wide size feet.
- He is getting more opinionated about what he wants to eat so he's not the food grinder he used to be, but he loves fruit, cheese, and of course anything sweet.
- Trucks and anything with a motor and wheels are the highlight of any day.  And we read lots of books about them.
- His favorite books right now are pictures with the identifying word. Not the most interesting for mom and dad to read...over and over.
- Library is a popular place we go for story time, music class and to play with toys. But the real highlight is pushing the button to open the door.
- Runs REALLY fast!
- Toys are even exciting in the box. If we need to get out of the house, we go to the store and play with the toys, and typically don't buy a thing!  Free fun.
- Is the sweetest boy in the whole world!

Playing with cousin Carter 
Komo Zoo in St. Paul, MN looking at the zebras
Found some fish!
Always playing
Reading with Dad before bed--"Big Haulers" is a favorite!
"Sharing" his chair with his buddy Mckinley